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Guadalest, surrounded by high mountains, like the mountain range of the Aixorta and the mountain range of Aitana. The small population consists of a single street. In order to accede to his interior it is necessary to cross a small door drilled on a rock

Entrance to the castle Streets of the castle Inner Church Seat of the castle

On a high windy mass yergue a white bell tower that defies with its pacifica image the aggressiveness of the high rocks that surround it. Thousands of tourists go every year attracted by the singular beauty of this town that, perhaps, is one of the few places of the world in which there is to pay an entrance to be able to accede to the cemetery. But it is that this singular cemetery, placed at the top of the old castle of Guadalest, nonsingle keeps the rest from the passed away neighbors, but that serves as exceptional viewpoint from which to be able to contemplate impressive a panoramic one of all the valley of Guadalest, being able to also see the localities of Altea and Callosa de Ensarria, as well as the dam of Guadalest. In the cellars of City council one is escavada on the rock a prison of century XII

Slope of the castle Tipica facade Church City council Marsh of Guadalest

Also, You can see

- Museum Municipal - Casa Orduña y Castillo San José

- Museum of Microminiaturas - Manuel Ussá

- Museum of Miniaturas

- Museum of Antonio Marco

Tower of the castle Castle Entrance to the cementery Cementery Valley of Guadalest

Route of the almonds tree

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