Photos of Novelda

 From it reels we were transferred to Novelda by a bordered highway of leafy woods. When we spoke of Novelda we say marble, grape, saffron and mother country of Jorge Juan. It almost commercializes the total Spanish production of saffron. And it is most important of marble in Spain

Castle of the Mola Tower Triangular Sanctuary the Magdalena Castle of the Mola

 It deserves to visit the modernist museum, located in the high street, the castle of the Mola, declared national monument, that is easy to ascend by a well-taken care of highway, constructed on a rock promontory, on a stone tooth.

 As far as the construction four Arabic towers surround it in the outside and two towers rise in their interior, one of which it has the peculiarity of being trapezial. It is the famous Triangular tower. Next to the castle the Sanctuary of the Magdalena rises.

Seat of Jorge Juan Marble quarry Fields of vines River Vinalopo

 Novelda is also very important by its grape, most of the grapes that are consumed in Spain and foreigner during the bell of New year you have been bred in the fields of Novelda.

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