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 Santa Pola, eminently marine villa, belonged until 1877 to the municipality of Elche. Nowadays, already she has own city council and she even counts on residential zones due to his great tourist height.

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 At time of the Romans, the Portus Illicitanus was located in this place. The continuous attacks of the pirates did that the council of Elche, at the request of the Duke of Maqueda and you mark of Elche, Don Bernardino de Ca'rdenas, ordered, in century XVI, to raise in Santa Pola defenses and a castle. The strength is quadrangular and occupies a surface of 2,116 square meters. Of both bastions that tapeworm in its angles the northwest, bastion of the Duke, and Southeast, bastion of the King, only is left the last one, at the moment used like chapel. Within the enclosure of the castle is a aquarium, where several marine species can be observed.

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 The port of Santa Pola is one of most important of the alicantino coast. From this port they daily leave marine excursions to the island Tabarca.

  This locality counts, in addition, with an important plantation of palms that yerguen throughout their fields and beaches

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  The beaches of Santa Pola are of fine sand and warm and calm waters. Several beaches of great concurrence exist, like Smooth beach, the dock or Santa Pola of the East. But to the south and within I finish municipal of elche, are the beaches of Navy and the Pinet.

Varadero beach Santa Pola del Este Santa Pola del Este Santa Pola del Este Coves of the Aljub
Following the highway of local or regional importance from Santa Pola of the East, we were with the coves of the Aljub, transparent water coves, beaches with dunes, where but the popular one is beach of Carabassi.

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