The mountain of Alicante

Visit our mountain, you found characteristics of deep ruralidad and natural resources of great paisajista and environmental wealth.
Mountains, inner Valleys that cross the north of the province of Alicante. More of the third part of these spaces they are integrated in the European network Natura 2000, like protected areas. Emphasizing the natural park of Mariola Mountain range.

Marsh of Beniarrés La Carroja Valley of Gallinera Marsh of Beniarrés

Tourist itineraries

River Serpis
Valley de Gallinara
The mountain of Alcoy






River Serpis Castle of Perpatxent Benicadell La Carrasqueta

The rich alicantina mountain in historical and cultural patrimony, towns of Arab origin, where the moriscos depopulated ones of territories of the mythical caudillo To the Azraq, the medieval castles, the snow wells and the shelters of rock art offer great possibilities for the cultural tourism

Also a great supply for the active tourism can be, with its 689 km of accredited footpaths and to the conditions that offer for the cicloturismo places as the green route of laughed Serpis.

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