River Serpis

The mountain of Alicante

Gaianes Beniarrés Castle of Perpatxent L´Orxa River Serpis

We followed the route of laughed Serpis in the region of the Comtat, in the valley of Perputxent. It is born in Mariola Mountain range, crosses populations like Cocentaina, L´Alcudia, Alquería de Asnar, Gaianes, Beniarres,, with its dam, of calm waters, ideal for the fishing with cane, until arriving at L ´Orxa, where it emphasizes the castle of Perputxent.

This laughed Serpis surrounded by mountain ranges like the Solana, the Safor, to its step laughed Serpis is forming precipices, among them emphasize the tubes that take their name.

To feel the silence of the dawn, to breathe clean air, to walk are of the reasons to visit this place.

And it does not doubt in enjoying its rich and original gastronomy, irresistible reclamation for any lover of the good table.

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